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I can be your Sexual Advisor...

...if you ever want my fucking advice, just let me know.

Assiduous student of delectatio morosa.
2 June 1974
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Greetings! I am Orlando. Welcome.

Who, me?

I am Latino (from Costa Rica, am I lucky or what?), heterosexual, more like a centrist with libertarian leanings, a minarchist, “liguista” (don’t worry, if you are not Costa Rican you won’t understand)... hmmm, that sounds like an identity politics statement, right? Oh well, what can I say? At least I am trying to keep my mind open.

I work in the R&D department for an energy company, mostly in the development of alternative energy sources, mainly geothermal. The perfect excuse for going to trip to the volcanoes. You have to love this job. :)

What can I add?

I know! The traditional quote:

'Zarathustra, however, remained standing, and just beside him fell the body, badly injured and disfigured, but not yet dead. After a while consciousness returned to the shattered man, and he saw Zarathustra kneeling beside him. "What art thou doing there?" said he at last, "I knew long ago that the devil would trip me up. Now he draggeth me to hell: wilt thou prevent him?"

"On mine honour, my friend," answered Zarathustra, "there is nothing of all that whereof thou speakest: there is no devil and no hell. Thy soul will be dead even sooner than thy body; fear, therefore, nothing any more!"

The man looked up distrustfully. "If thou speakest the truth," said he, "I lose nothing when I lose my life. I am not much more than an animal which hath been taught to dance by blows and scanty fare."

"Not at all," said Zarathustra, "thou hast made danger thy calling; therein there is nothing contemptible. Now thou perishest by thy calling: therefore will I bury thee with mine own hands." When Zarathustra had said this the dying one did not reply further; but he moved his hand as if he sought the hand of Zarathustra in gratitude.’

-Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra.

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Enjoy your stay.


Thanks to Ariel (miyu_sakura) for the “Bert the Turtle” icon. Kids, please remember: when the bombs start falling, all you need to do is: Duck and cover! Duck and cover!

And thanks to Blush (blush10ac) for the “Flirting” icon. You know you are awesome when you can flirt in more than two languages and love Nietzsche, right? :D

Finally, thanks to April (paleltlspider) for allowing me to steal her “El Guapo” icon. My idea, her icon... the perfect combination.

Warning! The entries in this LiveJournal are unfiltered, uncensored, and very often uncouth, uncool, and unpolitically-correct. Sometimes they're really funny, though. You have been warned. Add me at your own risk.

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